Monday, September 7, 2009

7 Habits: The first three habits

Wikipedia on the 7 Habits

The flow of developing the 7 habits begin with Habit #1, "Be Proactive" as in Box 3. For quite a few people they would probably like to get on with it to acheive results soonest possible. That would be Habit #2, "Begin with the end in mind" as in Box 4. We can much more easily visualize the desirable outcomes from Box 4 than in the more abstract Habit #1. Aren't we more motivated with rewards than some logic necessity or philosophical neatness?

As these three Habits occupying Box 3 to Box 5 form a virtuous cycle, we can begin with any of them. The choice is personal, start with the one that makes sense to each of us. Do not stay there and quickly act to have activities in the other boxes. The idea is to run the loop than to stay in a place, so that each box can reinforce the one next to it and achieve synergy.
One very important point. Look at the NaviMap on the left which discussed earlier. Box 2 punishes Box 5 and Box 3, making it harder to initiate this virtuous cycle from these two boxes or Habits. It is smarter to jump start it from Box 4.

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