Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Americans prefer to grow out of their problems.

This is an interview CNBC had with the legendary founder of Tiger Asset Management, Julian Robertson. A few days ago, I was working on a NaviMap of how we would probably be getting out of the present funk. I was exploring using to present that NaviMap but I am not ready to do so yet. For the expert reader, that NaviMap is presented after this interview. For the rest please be patient for it to become available on

You would need to click on the NaviMap to see the details in each box. Quickly, it details how the Americans plan to grow themselves out of the mess they are in. Can they do it? The only other way is to bite the bullet as suggested by Julian Robertson. Political leaders are incapable of summoning such courage. They will just have to accomodate each other so that the Americans can use the growth strategy. The helping countries will exact the heaviest price from America for this. Would the US be willing? Who knows? The bill hasn't arrive yet.

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