Monday, September 7, 2009

Before the 7 Habits: Addiction risks

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Didn't plan to have this entry. It is here because of an article on AsiaOne on addiction.

All virtuous or vicious cycles eventually stop. Virtuous cycles will encounter "limits of growth" and vicious cycles often end in death or destruction.

The loop between Box 1 and Box 2 is a vicious cycle. All of us are destined to die but if we look at the causes of death, a large portion of it is due to our bad habits (e.g., eating habits, smoking and alcohol) contributing to a premature demise.

Box A is has a resident "?". In the interest of brevity, we will not identify "?" These are the countervailing influences that stop peope from going overboard with their addiction so that Box 2 is "addiction obstacles" rather than "addiction".

For many, the secret of overcoming breaking this vicious cycle is discovering what is in box Box A for them. There are many possibilities ranging from their conscience, sense of responsibility to their religious faith.

The "7 Habits" isn't the only way to success but is an excellent and systematic approach. It is not helpful unless we are able to over come the vicious cycle above (see 7 Habits: The beginning is the hardest)


  1. I used the Force Field analysis in one of my class to analyse the factors that "Help" - driving forces or "Hinder" - restraining forces, in changing habits or solving a particular issue. It can also show systemic loops. Very powerful.

  2. Thanks. NaviMap has an analogous approach. I call it the "Tug of War" archetype.